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Welcome to MouseWizards

MouseWizards is a unique learning programme for children from 2.5 to 9 years of age designed to establish skills which will last a lifetime. We promote the development of fundamental mouse and keyboard skills and then harness this proficiency to unlock the creative potential of computers.

MouseWizards: a unique learning programme for children from 2.5 to 9 years developing fundamental computer mouse and keyboard skills

With ever more rapid tech developments, children can easily become passive users of technology viewing it as a platform for entertainment. MouseWizards teaches children to become active users to enhance their learning. Although it takes time for children to develop fine motor control and the precision to apply mouse skills with accuracy, this is an invaluable skill, also transferrable to all activities requiring pencil control.

Once the skill is mastered a child can achieve so much more with a mouse than they ever could with a swipe.  A mouse provides countless opportunities and is still the most usable and productive input method.  For this reason most primary schools still utilise computer mice.

Tablets are a fast and convenient way of accessing information and a wide range of apps. They are designed to be simple to use and accessible to everyone, however they do not replace the function of a computer and mouse.

The new computing curriculum in schools has changed the focus of children’s learning to help prepare them to be the computational thinkers of the future.

“Kids are surrounded by tech from an early age. Many can swipe a tablet before they can walk. But a significant number of young people don’t actually understand what makes the latest apps and software tick. And they often don’t get the importance of tech skills for their future careers.”