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Mini MouseWizards is our Foundation Stage curriculum for children from 2.5 to 5 years of age.

Children first develop the hand-eye co-ordination to move the cursor purposefully and then the control to be able to click on a large object.  That basic skill is then refined and precise control is developed.  The activities we use support the wider curriculum and enhance understanding of the world around.

teaching children computer mouse skills

Keyboard skills are introduced along-side mouse skills, and this work feeds into phonics and early reading skills in the Early Years curriculum.

The curriculum has plenty of scope for even the accomplished Reception child, with text editing, resizing and copy and pasting being among our advanced skills.

We work in a number of Montessori and Day Nurseries where our tuition is offered as an extra-curricular activity to individual children.  Parents can register their children to take part in the weekly sessions.

• Motivational and fun

• Develops fine motor skills

• Tailored tuition to support and challenge

• Small steps approach to learning

• Teaches phonics, numeracy, logic, spatial awareness and critical thinking

• Improves concentration

• Engages reluctant learners

• Fosters sharing and co-operation

• Confidence building

• Every achievement rewarded

A member from the MouseWizards® team visits each venue once a week.  The same tutor attends each time, providing continuity and  building a relationship with the children they teach. Children are taught according to our carefully designed lesson plans for that week, which are differentiated to provide reinforcement and challenge as necessary.  Highly trained staff tailor tuition for individual needs.  Targets are set prior to each session and each child receives tuition appropriate for their level to optimize their learning.  Detailed individual records are kept to inform future teaching and ensure progress.

Children are taught in pairs for approximately 20 minutes, the tutor teaching one pair at a time.  A great deal is achieved in this short time!  Each pair share a computer which allows for all important repetition and reinforcement. Teaching is highly structured and intensive with children participating in two different activities per session.

There are generally 10 sessions per term.

MouseWizards provide whole class teaching for schools wishing to enhance their computing provision.