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Mini MouseWizards is our Foundation Stage curriculum for children in Reception.

The focus is on developing mouse and keyboard skills in preparation for computer independence upon entry to Year 1.  Mouse skills are refined and precision is developed through engaging and educational activities, whilst keyboard activities feed into phonics and reading skills.

The curriculum has plenty of scope for even the accomplished Reception child, with text editing and copy and pasting being among the advanced skills taught.

teaching children computer mouse skills
• Motivational and fun

• Develops fine motor skills

• Tailored tuition to support and challenge

• Small steps approach to learning

• Teaches phonics, numeracy, logic, spatial awareness and critical thinking

• Improves concentration

• Engages reluctant learners

• Fosters sharing and co-operation

• Confidence building

• Every achievement rewarded

MouseWizard Masters is our curriculum for children in Year 1 or Year 2.

Children use MouseWizard computers and specially selected software to create characters, games and animations.  They learn to use photo editing techniques, stop frame methods for animation, find and fix bugs in coding and enhance their work with sound.  Activities are based around a different theme each term and are fun and inventive. They are designed to help children develop the confidence to become independent computer learners.

• Develops computational thinking

• Motivational and fun

• Builds confidence

• Promotes problem solving and teamwork

• Activities incorporate the wow factor!

• Creations stored on disk to share at home

• Skills certificates reward achievement

• Advances your child’s key computer skills

• Enables children to use software to its full potential

• Addresses National Curriculum requirements beyond Key Stage 1

Lunch Clubs

In Lunch Clubs children work with a tutor in groups of 4 and collaborate in pairs, sharing equipment and creating masterpieces.  The 1:4 ratio fosters independence and teamwork.  Activities are highly structured and fast paced, each session lasting for approximately 20 minutes.

After School Clubs

MouseWizard® Masters After School Clubs allow an extended period of working – approximately 40 minutes.  This allows for an activity to be explored in more depth.  Children work in pairs, sharing equipment in a teaching ratio of 1:6, which ensures that help is never far away!

MouseWizards provide whole class teaching for schools wishing to enhance their computing provision.