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“My seven year old daughter was able to show me how to download the photos from my new camera onto the computer and then put them into a folder! I can’t wait to see what she will teach me next. Thank you MouseWizards!’.”

Sophie Collingwood

“When Alfie started Mini MouseWizards we were slightly unsure as he was so young and we have a computer at home so we didn’t want to waste money. However we were so impressed and taken aback with the results. Mini MouseWizards is not about playing games, nor is it about playing with a mouse.

Alfie developed keyboard skills using various function keys and was able to type his name along with dragging and dropping icons using the mouse. At 3 years old Alfie was able to independently log on to Cbeebies and play all the games that were aimed at 4 years and above. When Alfie started school at 4 years, his teacher told us that Alfie’s mouse skills were advanced for his age. Alfie loves being able to use the computer and controls the mouse confidently. This is all down to Mini MouseWizards. Our youngest, Elizabeth Sophia started preschool in September, we were thrilled to see Mini MouseWizards was available and therefore enrolled her without hesitation.

We found that although our children have access to the computer at home, we were not able to teach them in the most effective way and were worried we would confuse them and knock their confidence. Mini MouseWizards tutors make ICT sessions fun, they tune in to what makes your child tick and get the very best out of every individual child. Twenty minutes seems a long time for a little one to focus on learning, but the skills they learn in the time are great and they have fun in the process. I cannot recommend Mini MouseWizards enough.”

Rebecca Addison

“We have been so impressed with Katie’s ability to use a computer- many thanks. An excellent service.”

Mrs. E

“I’m amazed my 3 year old is able to do more on the computer than her 5 year old sister who hasn’t had the benefit of MouseWizards tuition.”

Mrs. B

“We are convinced now that MouseWizards® provides excellent value for money.”

Mr. W

“Rowan looks forward to every session with MouseWizards.”

Mrs. P

“Thank you for the progress report on Oliver. I am thrilled he is enjoying MouseWizards so much, and look forward to you teaching him at Childlink learning Centre next term.”

Mrs A Tulloch

“I enrolled my daughter for MouseWizards because she lacked confidence and I wanted her to be good at something that interests her. I am delighted to say that not only does she love MouseWizards, but even her teacher has noticed a change in her self confidence in class.”

Mrs S. Davies

“William is always very excited on Tuesday mornings because he knows it is ‘Computer Lesson Day’.”

Mrs. M. Kohlhase

“Thank you so much for all your hard work with Sophie. She’s really done well and is quite comfortable and interested in computers. Your efforts are very much appreciated.”

Mrs. L. Niedziolek

“Alexander always really enjoyed the lessons and was so proud of his achievements. MouseWizards® has been fantastic! Thank you so much.”

Clare Sukhar

“Annabelle has thoroughly enjoyed her Wednesday MouseWizard® lessons and has tried her hardest to gain the certificates. I am sorry that she will not be able to continue for a final term. To improve your service, I can only say I would have liked Annabelle to continue the lessons at Godstowe and lessons through Year 1 would be fantastic.”

Ms. D

“I was so surprised when Kaia started typing the letters of her name on the computer at home.”

Mrs. Laura F

“I feel MouseWizards has really helped my son to prepare for Reception as he really does seem to be a confident computer user now.”

Mrs. Laura F

“…we are so delighted to see her joy in your session”

Mrs. R

“Rohan’s confidence on the computer has increased substantially and we are kept regularly up to date with his progress so we can check and monitor his progress too. Rohan loves his lessons and looks forward to them each week. A fantastic course, well thought out and expertly run!”

Anita Sekhri